Kansas City AMPS
Armor Modeling and Preservation Society
The first AMPS Chapter - Founded 1996

"A Sherman can give you a very nice.. edge." - Oddball, Kelly's Heroes

Next Meeting Thursday, Jul 20th 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Matt Ross Community Center

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Contact KC AMPS The KCAMPS crew hard at work during a typical meeting.

KCAMPS Contacts:
<-- President: Rob Feehan
Vice President: Paul Dutot
Secretary/Treasurer: Ed Bjes
--> Club Contact: Scott Conner
<-- Website/Internet: Rob Feehan

Everyone in KCAMPS participates in the planning and execution of all club activities and we couldn't do it without all our members. The individuals listed above probably hold their positions because they were absent the night we had elections ;)

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